Pet Sitting

What’s your kitty’s favourite way to spend the day? (Aside from cat-napping, of course!) In addition to looking after the essentials – a happy tummy, fresh water, clean litter box, and the tidy-up of any “surprises” – play and cuddle time is always on the agenda. Even the shyest cats appreciate the opportunity for some fun and frolic, or just a little quiet companionship.

Things are no different for small caged pets. By taking time to nurture the curiosity they express during their care and feeding, I’ve had the privilege of making many bird, hamster, chinchilla and rabbit friends. It’s always gratifying to see them respond in kind and enjoy the experience, too.

Pet sitting rules I live by

  • Gently announce your arrival, then approach slowly and speak softly. Establish an arrival “routine” so they always know who’s there and what to expect.
  • Create a level playing field – help them feel more secure by communicating at their altitude. They’re often more willing to explore when you’re sitting on the floor.
  • Respect their personal space and their hideaways. Be aware of their “safe spots” – those places where they feel most at ease and approachable, and will be most willing to socialize.
  • Don’t overstep their comfort zone – choose toys that allow them to engage confidently in play while maintaining their desired distance.
  • For the cuddle-bugs, and for pets who require handling for special care, always remain aware of touch-sensitive areas of the body, both positive and negative.

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

John Muir


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in New Westminster, BC