About Me

My love affair with cats began when I rescued a sick, emaciated little year-old tabby I found wandering in the alley. I named him Sterling.

It was six weeks of touch and go at the veterinary hospital before Sterling came home, bringing with him some chronic health issues. Still, he managed to appoint himself head of the household, and welcomed another feline, Sam, along the way.

In an effort to find solutions to Sterling's problems and to give him and Sam the healthiest and happiest life possible, I embarked on a self-guided "continuing education" program, reading everything I could find that pertained to feline wellness, and exploring all the available care options.

Ultimately, my quest paid off. At the age of ten, for the first time in his life, Sterling was ailment-free.

For 17 years, life with Sterling and Sam was a constant joy. It was also an extremely rewarding challenge. My learning continues, and will always be a work in progress; it's Sterling and Sam's legacy to the cats I've loved and lived with since, and those still to come.

I discovered the true wonder of dogs when I began walking Nemo, a neighbour's miniature poodle. Nemo is also my inspiration for Precious Paws.

Our inaugural circuits around the neighbourhood provided me with a crash course in canine politics - and the realization that there's far more to dog behaviour and communication than meets the eye.

There is so much our animals can teach us, if only we're willing to watch, listen and learn. As with my cats so many years ago, I have again immersed myself in continuing education. And Nemo has proven to be a terrific teacher.

My family members have also included a toy pomeranian who loved camping weekends, an acrobatic daredevil budgie, a cockatiel who happily cuddled for hours on end, a headstrong but devoted lovebird (pictured) with a weakness for freshly picked chickweed, and an ambitious contingent of hamsters.

I've worked as a volunteer in wildlife rehabilitation, and at a sanctuary for pot-bellied pigs, horses, dogs, feral cats, and former battery hens.

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