Welcome to Precious Paws

    "Home is where my habits have a habitat."
~ Fiona Apple

If you're like me, the most important consideration when you're separated from your pets is ensuring that there's as little disruption to their daily routine as possible.

For furry ones who are most comfortable in their own familiar surroundings when you're away,
I proudly offer professional drop-in pet sitting and dog walking services in beautiful
New Westminster, BC.

I'm Erin Murphy, and I look forward to caring for your pets. Precious Paws is insured, Pet First Aid certified, and an active member of Pet Sitters International.


My mission is to provide an exceptional standard of care and companionship, to treat all animals as the individuals they are, and to meet each one's unique needs.

My wish is that they all will be as happy to see me as I am to see them.

Did you know that...

…animals perceive their surroundings differently than a typical human does. They're highly sensitive to tiny details that most people wouldn't even notice.

In her book Animals in Translation, animal scientist and advocate Temple Grandin refers to this phenomenon as "hyper-specificity." It means that animals see the differences between things more clearly than they see the similarities. For instance, a shadow on the ground isn't necessarily just another shadow, or a leaf blowing in the wind just another leaf. And it's a reason why, for instance, a dog might become agitated or suddenly stop and refuse to move for no apparent reason.

It's important that we do our best to see things through the eyes of the animals in our lives. I have found, without exception, that it leads to stronger bonds of love, trust, understanding and, ultimately, the greatest happiness.

And that's what it's all about.

Pet Sitting Excellence Through Education Pet First Aid Certified with Walks 'N' Wags Canada’s Only Specialized Insurance Provider for Pet Care Professionals

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in New Westminster, BC